I Will Survive - Jemaine Clement & Kristin Chen


改編超有名的Gloria Gaynor-I Will Survive 



原曲  Gloria Gaynor演唱




At first I was afraid -
I was petrified.
I kept thinking that I could never never live -
I could barely fly.
And I spent oh so many nights thinking how he did me wrong -
And I grew strong -
And I learned how to get along...Nigel(I will survive)
Rio fanAdded by Rio fan
Go on, now go!
Walk out the door!
Just turn around now...
It is I who have the floor.
Weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye?
Did you think I'd crumble?
Oh no!
Did you think I'd lay down and die?
Oh no, not Nige!
I will survive........!
As long as I know how to hate
I know I'll stay alive
I've got all my life to live,
And I've got all my love to give!
And I will survive
You will survive
I will survive
We will survive!
I'm a survivor
I've got the eye of a tiger
I've been training again and eating my fiber
You've been staying alive well I've been staying alive-er
Watch where you sit, when I spit my saliva, like boom
You've never seen a cockatoo
Rockin' n shockin' and droppin' and pop' and lockin' too?
Watch what I can do with out no autotune (say what?)
Ay ay ay ay ay ay..... (oh no he didn't!)
If you try to keep me down I'll just come back stronger
If you try to cut me short I'll just come back longer
If you beat me at ping pong I'll just play ping pong-er
Give me my throne, I am ready to thrive one thing I know....
I will survive!
I - will - survive........


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